Knotty Heathens: COR Crafting Group

  • 11/02/2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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  • Knotty Heathens: COR Crafting Group

    Grab your latest craft and join us for Knotty Heathens! Aren't working on a current craft? We have some ideas on how we can help out other nonprofits through crafting!

    CJ's hosting this event at her house.

    From CJ:

    I started sewing in college while working at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, and I had to make a costume. I took all the scraps from my costumes and made a blanket. I am still so proud of that! I started buying remnants and made blankets and scarves for family and friends. The past few years, I've been making blankets, pillow cases, hats, and scarves for the homeless. But I am still just one person. We can do so much more together.

    We could help animal shelters by making cat or dog beds, and animals with a pretty bow or scarf get adopted much faster. (I've been making infinity scarves for my dog, and they're really easy to make).

    Like scrapbooking? My mom and I make picture books for an Alzheimer’s center near me.

    We can even paint our own pottery and give it away or keep it!
    Speaking of painting, that would be fun, too!

    If you have ideas for other projects, I'd love to hear about it. Know an organization that would love some of our creations? That'd be great as well.

    No matter what your skill level, there are many things we can do for fun, and help people/animals at the same time.