Secular Community Dinner of Thanks!

  • 11/28/2019 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • True
  • 266161138
  • Desiree's House
  • 1707 Ashbrook Drive
  • Cincinnati, oh 45238
  • Secular Community Dinner of Thanks!

    It's that time of year and for some of us you may be estranged from family, be here alone in town and can't get home, or be invited to Thanksgiving with the family, but would rather not go! Whatever your reason, every year I open my door to those with no place to go or those who'd rather be with friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

    I do this for two reasons: First, when learning about this day in kindergarten, the story was about the community inviting the natives for a community meal. Yeah I get there is so much to the story and so much wrong with the history, but what I took from it was that Thanksgiving was a community holiday, not a family holiday. I was always confused why we only ate with family? Then, in the 90's I moved to Aspen and found myself alone in a strange town, no family and no ability to go home. To my surprise, a local community member invited me to dinner. They had a beautiful mansion and every year opened their doors to any of the workers left behind to work the holiday. They provided the turkey, we brought a dish to share. There were games and movies after. About 50 of us showed up and it was the version of Thanksgiving I dreamt of and understood from my school days. So this became a tradition I continued in my much smaller humble abode after coming back to Ohio.

    I'll make a turkey and you bring the appetizers, sides and desserts. (If anyone else wants to make a turkey as well, we can probably use 2). Also, I'll have some veggie friendly turkey available as well. (Please note if you are vegan or vegetarian so I have an idea how much to buy.)

    Please list below in comments what you are bringing. We will need salad, appetizers, mashed potatoes and gravy (veggie gravy too if you're a vegetarian), other sides, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and desserts. Anyone bringing sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce gets extra points.

    I will have non-alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring wine, beer and other drinks if you'd like.

    Dinner will start at about 5pm, followed by games and movies including the annual WKRP Turkey Drop episode. Please arrive before 5 if you need to heat up or get something together. If you can't make dinner, bring a dessert or snack like chips for movies and games after. Please bring games to play if you have some to share. Generally, the party winds down around 9pm but I'm not bothered if it goes longer.

    Please note I do have dogs and there is little I can do to alleviate any allergy symptoms. Also, while I will confine them during the meal, I will not confine them during the event. This is their home.