Science On Tap - The Oxbow, a Special Wetland

  • 1/20/2021 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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  • Science On Tap - The Oxbow, a Special Wetland

    The Oxbow represents one of the few floodplain wetland environments still remaining along the Ohio River. The 3000 acre floodplain extends north from the Ohio River along the bed of the Great Miami River to the mouth of the Whitewater River as it joins the Great Miami. It serves as home to many species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, fish, mollusks, insects, and plants.

    Join us for a presentation of this valuable resource by Jon Seymour. Jon is a longtime member of Oxbow, Inc. and has a graduate minor in zoology and a Ph.D. in biochemistry, with a 30 year career in human and environmental toxicology and clinical research. He has been bird watching as a hobby for over 50 years and has been an active participant in environmental planning projects in Hamilton County, OH and Dearborn County, IN.