Explore the World of Women in honor of Women's History Month

  • 3/20/2021 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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  • Explore the World of Women in honor of Women

    March is Women's History Month so let's celebrate by celebrating women who inspire us!

    Start with a meal from your favorite woman owned restaurant, a recipe from a famous woman chef, or a recipe handed down by an important woman in your life. We'll start by sharing our meals and telling us about the woman that made our dinner possible.

    Then, we'll play a short round RBG's I Dissent.

    We'll follow with members each sharing a short presentation about a woman that inspires them. 2-5 minutes. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but for those that want to share photos or slides, the Share screen will be available.

    The Challenge

    Feel free to save a photo of your shero and upload as your background photo for the meetup so we have a sea of powerful women joining us!

    How to Do This!
    1. Find a photo of your shero online and save to your computer's photos.
    2. At the bottom of the meeting next to the Video button is a ^. Click on it and choose to Add a Background.
    3. Choose to upload an image. Select your shero from your photos and save.

    If time allows, we'll wind up the evening with a short trivia quiz.