Heathens in Nature: Desiree's Birthday Hike at Imago Preserve

  • 3/20/2021 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • True
  • 276785448
  • Imago
  • 700 Enright Ave
  • Cincinnati, OH 45205
  • Heathens in Nature: Desiree

    To My Fellow Hiking Heathens! Join me for my annual heathen hike in nature. This year join me at my favorite little nature preserve on the hill-Imago Nature Preserve! The preserve offers a little more than a mile of trails. We can either do them twice, add some urban walking in and explore Price Hill or we may be able to add in some additional trails on the adjacent property at the end of Enright. For the trails, they can get muddy if it rains. I recommend good hiking boots or sturdy shoes. Also if available, I recommend hiking poles. Trails do go uphill but the uphill is relatively short climbs. Bring water. Kiddos and doggos welcome. After the hike they have aeting area for lunch where was can be outside and socially distanced. Bring a sack lunch or we can order via Door Dash. Several local options available including Maya's Indian, Incline Pub and Veracruz Mexican. I will email more about lunch options closer to date. We will try to get it ordered so it arrives soon after we finish the hike. Parking is on the street on Enright.