Field Trippin': Secrets of Covington from the book Secret Cincinnati

  • 4/17/2021 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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  • 200 W Robbins St
  • 200 W Robbins St
  • Covington, KY 41011
  • Field Trippin

    With Covid restrictions, our Field Trippin' opportunities have been limited so I decided to get creative. Secret Cincinnati is a favorite book of mine that shares all those teeny museums, local oddities and places you've never been. We can't go inside so explore some of the outdoor locations.

    First: Brought to you from Secret Cincinnati is the cutest little park you'll ever see dedicated to one of the areas foremost local artists, Henry Farny. Not satisfied with the local landscape, Farny traveled out west to find new worlds. Known for his western themed paintings often depicting Native Americans he met on his way, this teeny park is an adorable homage to his artworks. We will begin our walk exploring this fun creation.

    Second, Did y'all know the guy that told us Santa Claus was an all-knowing stalker of children is right here from the tri-state?? That's right. While not a museum, the home of composer James Haven Lamont Gillespie who brought you both the joy and terror of Santa's arrival in Santa Clause is Coming to Town, still stands. We will walk on by and see the home that brought us one of Bing Crosby's most famous holiday tunes.

    Finally, we will wind our way down to the Riverside Statue Park to see statues of famous locals and learn their stories. Meet James Bradley, an African-American who attended the Beecher's Lane Seminary, Chief Little Turtle, Captain Mary B Greene, and James Audubon.

    This walk is mostly flat and will be about 3 miles. It is doggo and kiddo friendly. We will stop at these locations and talk/take photos. Please bring water for yourself, kiddos and doggos.