Let's Get Colorful! 2nd Annual COR Tie-Dye Party

  • 5/28/2022 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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  • Join us for the 2nd Annual COR Tie-Dye Party! Nina is lending her expertise to help us create colorful unique COR shirts!

    The event starts at 1:00pm and will go until about 6:00 pm. It takes about an hour for the whole process (minus drying time). We will have tents and canopies set up to provide shade while we dye.

    All ages welcome. Feel free to bring family and friends.

    We've designed COR shirts specifically for tie-dyeing! The shirt designs can be seen on our COR Threadless store at: [https://communityofreason.threadless.com/](https://communityofreason.threadless.com/)
    For dyeing, be sure to pick one of the shirt styles labeled "COR Tie Dye".

    You can order your selections directly from the site. A percentage of the cost goes to support our work. The Free Shipping limit is pretty high, and we will be submitting a bulk order on Monday May 2. To be a part of the bulk order and avoid shipping charges, EMAIL US YOUR ORDER by MONDAY MAY 2.

    You can order any of the designs by emailing us the category, style information, color, and size information. For dyeing, be sure to pick one of the two shirt styles labeled "COR Tie Dye". One of the reasons we selected Threadless is because of the ability to choose from a variety of selections, but it can make it confusing. Please email us as much information as possible. We ask that you pay for your order via our website donation page, select "COR Merchandise" as the Program.
    Summary - To order COR Merchandise including Tie Dye Options

    1. Go to Threadless to decide your options: [https://communityofreason.threadless.com/](https://communityofreason.threadless.com/)
    2. Email us at [[masked]](mailto:[masked]) with all the information for your order.
    3. Go the the COR donation page, select "COR Merchandise" and send us the money to cover your order. [https://www.communityofreason.org/Donate/One-Time](https://www.communityofreason.org/Donate/One-Time)
    4. Join us the Tie Dye Party on May 21, the Monthly Meeting on June 14 or make other arrangements to pick up your items.

    Questions? Email us at [masked] or message Jen.

    Can you tie dye other stuff? Absolutely! There's an optional $5 donation to tie dye other items to help offset the cost of supplies.

    Make sure items you bring for dyeing are 100% cotton or rayon for best results. The dyes don’t work on synthetic material (polyester, etc.) The COR Threadless shirts that are labelled "COR Tie Dye" are 100% cotton and will be great for the party. (Offset Design and Round Logo.) Clothes that are a cotton/poly blend can be dyed, but the color will be much lighter than on a 100% cotton item.

    Be aware that while you are dyeing there is a chance you might get dye on yourself or your clothes. Please dress appropriately or bring a change of clothes. Handy tip: if you wear synthetic clothes, the dye will wash right out, even if you do get dye on them.

    You may need to park on the adjacent street if there is no parking in the cul-de-sac. Parking is on one side of road on the adjacent street.