Heathens in Nature: Big Bone Lick State Park

  • 6/18/2022 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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  • Heathens in Nature: Big Bone Lick State Park

    Join the Heathen Hikers as we explore one of the most unique natural scientific areas in the United States. It is the birthplace of North American vertebrae palentology and a gateway to the ice age. Learn about its history and palentology at the visitor's center's exhibits, then we will head for a walk in the woods.

    9am Meet to explore the visitor's center where we will head to the Discovery Trail at bison at 9:10am. If you arrive late, you can text me at[masked] try to catch us.

    After the walk, we can cool down at the indoor exhibits before grabbing lunch nearby.

    **What to bring:**
    Dress for the weather!! Bring water. Park is doggo friendly but remember we will be walking past a herd of fenced in bison so make sure your puppo is under control. Did I mention Bring Water!! Lots of it because June will likely be hot but we will be in the woods with shady so hopefully not too bad.

    **Hike Afterparty!**
    After the hike, the group will either grab lunch nearby or if the groups wants, we can head down the road to Rabbit Hash, KY for lunch at the General Store and maybe a chance to meet the town mayor, His Honorable Mr. Wilbur the Bulldog!. I'm up for Rabbit Hash but the Board insists we must practice the democracy we promote so I have allow the group to vote

    Please note: my aging fur divas will likely not be interested in Rabbit Hash if the temps exceed 83 degrees. If the heat wave is still upon us, those who wish can check out Rabbit Hash nearby but I may just do lunch and find ac for the old ladies

    **Websites of Interest:**

    Take a look at Bone Lick's unique offerings:

    Info on Rabbit Hash: