It’s the most mathematical time of year and it’s time to celebrate Pi with pie! Join us for our annual Pi Day Fundraiser! Pizza pies, fruit pies, chocolate pies, and more! Nothing could be sweeter than supporting the Community of Reason!

Event Ticket: $20, Raffle Tickets - $5 for 6 tickets - Scroll down to purchase tickets.


Here’s your chance to show off your baking skills! Volunteer to be one of our pie makers! Sign up to bring a pie or two to help make our Pi Day fundraiser a success! Please plan to bring a list of ingredients that we can make available to people who may have allergies or dietary restrictions.

Pie Makers Signup



Pizza & Pie Buffet

Your event ticket includes all you can eat pizza, non-alcoholic drinks, tip for the staff, various pies, one raffle ticket, and a little extra to help support the work of COR. At least one option will be vegetarian. If you have special dietary needs, please indicate on the order form when you purchase your ticket.


Tote BagWe will be raffling off several amazing items including a COR water bottle, COR tote bag, and Pi Day related items. You will get one raffle ticket with your event ticket, and can purchase additional ones on the ticket order form or at the event. Raffle tickets are $5 for 6. You will be able to select which items you want! Place your tickets in the container for the prizes you are interested in, and you can even put all your tickets in one basket to increase your chances!

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